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Seven Deadly Wastes Infographic

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

Awhile back we shared the 7 Deadly Wastes of Manufacturing and offered tips to combat the aforementioned wastes. During one of the busiest times of year (accompanied by the hustle and bustle of post IWF Atlanta) it is vital to your operation that you stay a lean mean manufacturing machine and as disciplined as possible. To refresh your memory, TigerStop has created a helpful infographic for you to use on the shop floor. 

Print out the below infographic and put it somewhere visible on your manufacturing floor to remind you and your team how to combat The Seven Deadly Wastes of Manufacturing:

1. Overproduction occurs when a factory produces more than what is actually needed to meet demand.

2. Inventory Is expensive, takes up precious shop floor room, and is a massive drain on cash flow.

3. Transportation waste occurs when materials are moved in stacks from department to department.

4. Waiting occurs from a poor balance of work. Idle time is abundant when materials are not available when needed.     

5. Motion occurs when compensating for an inefficient process.

6. Defects occur when material or labor is wasted and parts or processes must be reworked.

7. Work in Progress or partially completed work is a large source of waste with zero return on investment and producing to much adds to inventory and hides problems down the line. 

This helpful cheat sheet will save you and your team time, and most importantly, money. To learn how to help your bottom line TODAY, check out the below visual aid!


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