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Information Technology Will Help With Faster Production Times

Posted on Jun 20, 2018
technician having trouble with server software

With high customer demand, Scott Brode, the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for TigerStop, says the process from software design to shipment needs to be faster. The issue, he says, is getting the workers with the skill set to thoroughly get through the process. Watch the video to learn more. 

Brode discusses the importance of information technology and explains how it needs to go "from top-to-bottom and all the way through" for faster production times.

He says TigerStop is developing the human machine interfaces (HMI) to maintain consistent, easy-to-use cross-communication for the employees who lack hands-on experience. 

In doing so, TigerStop is not only combating the skilled labor gap, it's helping businesses eliminate the headache and wasted time often associated with complicated and difficult to use machinery and software programs. 

So, fret no more, and stop pulling your hair out! Watch the below video and click the below button to learn more about TigerStop's easy-to-use offerings. 

By Harry Urban and Angel Kipfer, Woodworking Network


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