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How To Train Your Tiger

Posted on Nov 27, 2017
TigerStop software development kits

TigerStop’s range of automated positioners, pushers, and saw systems are pretty remarkable in their ability to eliminate many of the most prevalent manufacturing wastes like rework, inaccuracies, and inventory. However, an often overlooked advantage of utilizing TigerStop positioners and pushers aside from their waste reducing benefits is that when you purchase TigerStop hardware you become part of a completely customizable platform. You can, in theory, train your TigerStop to do things outside of its standard factory settings.

That’s right, your ferociously accurate TigerStop has a bunch of tricks up its bright orange sleeves. You can customize your TigerStop with an assortment of software upgrades and accessory additions like TigerTouch, Cut List Downloading, Dynamic Optimization, or roller tables, so your machine best suits your needs. One incredible software upgrade is TigerSet.

The TigerSet software upgrade opens up a communication port on your TigerStop so you can use a PC, PLC, or Barcode Scanner, for example, to control your TigerStop systems. With TigerSet you can communicate directly with your TigerStop. But by far the coolest feature of TigerSet is that it allows you to download TigerStop’s free open source Software Development Kit (SDK) to create your own code. This is where things start to get really interesting.


Git With The Program

TigerStop’s SDK is essentially a set of power tools that make writing software for the TigerStop hardware platform a whole lot easier. The SDK includes an extensive library of commands that TigerStop uses when developing software for the TigerStop product line. The commands are completely FREE and available on TigerStop’s Git Hub page

TigerStop's free (did we mention it’s free?) open source Software Development Kit is universally available. Open source means anyone can look at how we did it, and change it up if it needs to work a little bit differently. The old adage is true. You can teach an old tiger new tricks. 

TigerStop Git Hub

Why is this so beyond cool? Well, for many reasons. Sometimes a really savvy customer will want to use a TigerStop in a way that we don't yet support. Rather than hinder our most innovative customers, we thought we would help. (Because we make it part of our mission to help manufacturers after all.) Instead of doing all the coding grunt work to connect to a TigerStop, send it to a position, keep track of its position, or cycle the tool, for example, TigerStopSDK has all of that coding work done for you. 

For example, a pioneering fenestration and curtainwall company developed software to interface with the company’s purchasing and inventory systems as well as its TigerStop machinery on the factory floor. Using TigerStopSDK, the company developed a new piece of software that controls the TigerStops, sending them to position and cycling the tool, without the user ever touching the controller. Finished parts are then tracked in the inventory system and purchasing is notified if additional materials need to be ordered.

TigerStopSDK, in this scenario, works to close the information loop in an elegant and seamless way. Plus it was easy for the company to develop because TigerStop did all of the heavy lifting.


Join TigerStop’s Development Community

If you are curious about TigerStopSDK and want to whet your appetite, visit TigerStop's page on GitHub. Click here to peruse a sample project cobbled together by the SDK developers. It uses TigerStopSDK source code to interact with a TigerStop amplifier and demonstrates the functionality available by a TigerStop amp as well as how simple it is to use TigerStopSDK source code to achieve that functionality.

In order for the code to interact with your TigerStop device, it needs to have version 5.60 or above firmware installed on it and be enabled with TigerSet. If your TigerStop device does not have version 5.60 or above firmware or is not enabled with TigerSet, our TigerTeam service members are happy to assist. 

Otherwise, once you download or fork a copy of the source code, you’re all ready to develop your application to control the TigerStop device. Coding newbs all the way to the professional hacker can adeptly use TigerStopSDK. (Note: we definitely don’t promote hacking.) All you need is a bit of familiarity with C# programming language. But just in case, The SDK development gods are readily available if you happen to have any questions: opensource@tigerstop.com

So cheers to you and the rest of the innovators out there! We toast you and welcome you to join our unique development community. We’d like to reward you for trying to do something out of the box and we'd like to help you, wherever possible, along your coding project journey with our simple-to-use and objectively rad (it’s pretty rad if we do say so ourselves) open source Software Development Kit. 

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