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Hope is a Job

Posted on Oct 31, 2017
Hope is a Job

Manufacturing jobs across the globe have been strip-mined by bad actors. Corporations, governments, self-interests and politicians have all played a role. Outsourcing jobs to cheaper labor markets, importing government subsidized products without the same protections required by local manufacturers, the list goes on and on. 

The result is that local communities have collapsed and will continue to collapse when there are no jobs. It’s that simple. Without jobs people lose hope or any sense of a future.

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At TigerStop we believe that hope is a job. 

A job gives people purpose. It gives people dignity and a reason to wake up in the morning. It gives people meaning.

Jobs allow people to afford basic necessities, and most importantly an education. Knowledge is power.

A job means income and the ability to support oneself and one's family, which breeds pride and a sense of hope for the future.   

TigerStop believes in growing and protecting manufacturing jobs globally. Because a thriving manufacturing sector builds thriving communities.

Why manufacturing? Because each manufacturing job creates 3 to 5 local jobs. This manufacturing phenomenon is called “Manufacturing’s Multiplier Effect".

“Because manufacturing has so many substantial links with so many other sectors throughout the economy, its output stimulates more economic activity across society than any other sector. And a new study suggests the multiplier effect of manufacturing may be much higher than previously calculated… Earlier projections based on Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) annual input-output tables have calculated that a dollar's worth of final demand for manufacturers generates $1.48 in other services and production… A new analysis by Inforum, an economic consulting service working out of the University of Maryland, suggests the manufacturing multiplier is much higher -- $1.92, almost doubling the base value of the manufacturing output itself.” –Industry Week

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That is why our mission is to help manufacturers sustain jobs in their local communities, which in turn allows them to compete in a global marketplace. 

In addition to creating manufacturing jobs, TigerStop believes in sustainability. By sustainability we mean producing what we consume where we consume it. This is good for local economies and the environment we all share.

TigerStop believes in a LEVEL playing field for all manufacturers and their communities.

Governments may hold the keys to much of this with good economic policy, but technology that aids manufacturers to be more competitive truly helps. 

TigerStop believes that all people should have the opportunity for meaningful work and a meaningful life.


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