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How To Eliminate Scrap With Cutting Optimization Software 

Posted on Jul 25, 2017
TigerStop Backboard Optimization

Thanks to everyone who made it to the TigerStop booth at AWFS Fair 2017 in Las Vegas! If you didn't have a chance to meet and greet with the TigerStop Team, that's ok, we'll forgive you in due course, but it probably means that you missed out on some mission critical information. We want to let you in on a patented cutting optimization process that we demonstrated throughout the week at AWFS. And it's guaranteed to eliminate that growing scrap pile of yours. 

Backboard Optimization is a process that uses TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization software in conjunction with a Backfence Ruler. It is capable of streamlining up to 80% of the cutting process. This is how it works: 


cutting optimization software

The Backboard Optimization process shown above uses TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization software to give you the greatest yield from all available clear material- even if the only available clear material is between splits, wanes, and knots. This means you can process scrap pieces and heavily defected material while optimizing and cutting parts from your cut list. The lower the grade of material you are cutting, the greater the R.O.I. or payback. So if whittling away that heaping scrap pile of yours has been on the back of your mind, TigerStop's Backboard Optimization process was made for you. The laborious days of cutting longest parts first are over. Introduce scrap material into your cut list first, and process parts "Worst First." See how it's done in the below video: 


If you are interested in eliminating machine set up time, standardizing cut off quality, reducing time spent tracking and sorting parts, and learning how to process low grade and defected material for a better R.O.I., then Backboard Optimization is for you. If you are tired of wasting time calculating material yields when you could be cutting parts, then click the below button to learn more TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization software and Backboard Optimization process.

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