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How To Turn Cabinet Parts Into Scrap Without Even Trying

Posted on May 22, 2018

The road to cabinetmaking excellence is littered with part failure. The miscues that can send a part to the reject bin instead of cabinet assembly are many and varied. Sometimes the rush to complete a task leads to a botched part. Other times, not adhering to routine maintenance schedules of equipment and tooling rears its ugly head. Even when a flubbed part can be corrected it usually comes with a price: extra handling, additional labor, possibly more machine time, and more than likely time lost against the deadline. Not convinced? Then find out for yourself by doing some of the following dont's. Making heaping piles of scrap without really trying is easy! Just follow the waste producing tips below.

Less Waste And More Haste For Rice Lake Glass

Posted on May 14, 2018

We have all heard the adage “haste makes waste.” And typically this sentiment is true. Rushing through projects is often a recipe for disaster causing costly errors in the long run. But not for one of Wisconsin’s premier fenestration firms. Rice Lake Glass has adeptly skirted this conundrum. The company has found a way to significantly reduce waste while increasing production speed. Using fast and accurate technology solutions, Rice Lake Glass has improved yields, reduced scrap waste, and churned out product at an alarming speed.  

What Makes TigerStop a Market Leader?

Posted on May 1, 2018

Becoming a market leader doesn't happen overnight. It's the result of years of experience, research and development, trials, tribulations, failures, successes, and ongoing feedback from our customers. That, coupled with our brand promise to help manufacturers compete on a global scale, has propelled us forward over the last quarter of a century. Below are 10 contributing factors that make TigerStop not only a thought leader, but a market leader. 

Take a Load Off with an Automatic Infeed Station 

Posted on Apr 10, 2018

According to a recent Labor Department report, “U.S. manufacturers added 22,000 jobs in March, making the six-month hiring spree the strongest since 1998. A total of 12.6 million people are employed in the sector, the most since 2008.” While this is definitely a hip-hip-hooray for the manufacturing industry as a whole, it does create bit of a conundrum as well. More people with jobs means smaller hiring pools, and many U.S. manufacturers are forced to grapple with an increasingly large skilled labor gap. Many shops have no choice but to make do with the team they have; and for some shops that’s only possible with the aid of sophisticated manufacturing technology. Here are 5 reasons why 2018 is the year for an automatic infeed station. 

Your Suppliers' Secrets Revealed: 10 Ways To Reduce Hardwood Costs 

Posted on Mar 20, 2018

The cat is out of the bag! Your lumber supplier would be horrified if we shared his tricks of the trade, but here at TigerStop we are all about evening out the playing field. Everyone deserves to have a fighting chance. We actually make it our mission to empower local manufacturers to be globally competitive. One way to gain a competitive advantage is to increase profits by cutting superfluous costs. One of those costs is hardwood. If you have ever question whether you are actually getting what you're paying for when buying hardwood and hardwood components, well, you aren't alone. Do you really know what you are paying for when you order material that is ripped and planed? You just might be surprised by how much you are actually paying for these services. But how do you figure out what your real costs are? We are here to help!  Here are 10 things your hardwood supplier is already doing, that you should be doing, to cut costs by as much as 20-45%. The secret is out!

Why Buy A Treadmill? You Already Own A Table Saw.

Posted on Mar 6, 2018

Why work when you can workout instead? Anything around your shop can function as a dumbbell if you try hard enough. The same goes for your table saw fence. Not only can it rip wood, it can serve as a treadmill. How frequently do you have to walk around your table saw fence to prep material, adjust the fence, pull out a tape measure, mark material, cut, and double check for accuracy? Well, if you're a custom cabinet manufacturer, the answer is quite often, like hundreds of times per day. Many fitness/woodworking enthusiasts have avoided taking out gym memberships for years by simply using their table saws. It's time the secret gets out! 

10 Ways to Save Money in Your Fenestration Business

Posted on Feb 20, 2018

We spent a great deal of time talking to business owners, operators, and experts in the fenestration industry. We have compiled our notes into a straightforward guide with 10 tips to help you eliminate the non-value add activities you do each day in your fenestration shop. Many of these are simple processes that you can implement today to realize immediate savings. If you want to put dollars back onto your bottom line, and stay up to date on the best fenestration manufacturing equipment and processes, keep reading. 

Dant Clayton's Designs Hit It Out of the Park

Posted on Feb 14, 2018

When you’re root, root, rooting for the home team, wolfing down hot dogs, and inhaling cracker jacks, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important aspects of the game- the stadium! Global leader of stadium seating, Dant Clayton, is not only responsible for the seat you sit in, it’s responsible for elevating your view. Their innovative designs hit a homer every time. Learn how Dant Clayton has stayed in the game by trading in their tape measures for TigerStops. 

Finding Your Best Employees Where You Least Expect It

Posted on Jan 30, 2018

TC had been homeless for 15 years when his path crossed with Brian Preston’s in 2012. He was living in a tent city in Georgia looking for a hand up- not a handout, and Brian knew exactly how he could help.

Your Tape Measure Costs More Than $20,000 a Year 

Posted on Jan 23, 2018

A tape measure, while seemingly inconspicuous, is the most expensive tool you own. Don't take our word for it though. Do the math yourself.