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How to Reduce Welding Costs With Modern Metal Fabrication Tools

Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Welding is simply joining together similar metal materials using similar metal filler materials. While it may in theory seem simple, it’s a complex beast. It’s a multifaceted and ever evolving trade, career, science, hobby, and art form. It’s integral to our everyday lives- to the bridges we drive over, the pipes we drink water from, the skyscrapers we work in, the cars we drive, the bicycles we ride, you name it. Welding is all around us. For those in the welding business, reducing costs may be easier than you think with the right metal fabrication tools.

How To Free Up Your Top Dollar Guy

Posted on May 9, 2017

Solomon Group has made a name for itself in the entertainment and event industries across the globe. It produces extraordinary live events and exhibits using a multifaceted approach and tackling every aspect from design, fabrication, staging, lighting, the works. The intricate and award winning sets illuminate all of the senses in explosions of color and sound. The team has mastered the art of bringing stories to life, one cut at a time, with the help of its compound miter saw fence. 

Shield Casework's Table Saw Fence Makes The Cut

Posted on May 3, 2017

Shield Casework's award winning designs can be seen in hospitals, universities, and sports arenas across the nation. This savvy casework firm eliminated bottlenecks in its manufacturing process with the addition of lean manufacturing technology in the form of a table saw fence.

Material Pusher 102: Caution Heavy Load

Posted on Mar 28, 2017

If your operation requires processing extremely heavy material you are confronted with a very unique challenge. The fact of the matter is that the heavier your material is, the more dangerous it is. It’s as simple as that. Putting in a fool proof and efficient material pusher setup for moving parts through your various manufacturing processes, be it sawing, drilling or punching, is vital. 

Makerspace Makes The Case For A Saw Fence

Posted on Mar 21, 2017

The makerspace movement is steadily growing across America and abroad. It's an easy bandwagon to jump on. Who doesn't like the idea of a community which cultivates creativity and supplies shared tools and work spaces? ADX, Portland, Oregon's very own makerspace, has turned its success into a unique business model as a startup incubator space. The ADX team helps members and fledgling businesses alike turn their dreams into realities. It keeps craft and tradition alive while adopting new wave manufacturing technologies including an automated saw fence. 

Think Your Shop is High Tech? Step Inside the Autodesk BUILD Space

Posted on Mar 24, 2017


With the help of experts and academics as well as a plethora of useful fabrication tools, high tech robots, and its miter saw fence, ingenious creations are bubbling out of the Autodesk BUILD Space that will positively impact the lives of many.

Material Pusher 101: How Fast Can I Go? How Much Weight Can I Push?

Posted on Mar 7, 2017

These are two questions most people have when trying to decide which TigerStop material pusher to buy. The answer is, like almost everything in life, “It depends!” To better grasp what you can do with a TigerStop product, you need to understand some basic physics concepts, Inertia, Thrust, Coefficient of Friction, Acceleration, Duty Cycle and most importantly, String Theory. Actually, we are joking about the String Theory part but it doesn't hurt to brush up anyway!  

Aluminum Saw System Helps Lopper Manufacturer Prune Costs and Reshore

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

Superior Fruit Equipment is one of the largest manufacturers of professional fruit tree loppers in the world. The use of an aluminum saw system has allowed it to reshore its entire aluminum extrusion operation from China and continue its long legacy of providing the highest quality fruit tree tools around. 

Vertical Panel Saw Edition | Small Shop Space Hacks

Posted on Feb 21, 2017

If you’re running out of floor space but need the extra boost of efficiency, or maybe you never had that much floor space to begin with, then a vertical panel saw could be your saving grace. Keep reading to find out more. 

Turning Dust Into Dollars | Oneida Air Systems' Metal Fabrication Tools

Posted on Feb 15, 2017


The 1990s garage story that you’ve never heard. A prominent name in dust collection, Oneida Air Systems, details the story of how they came to be, their mantra of innovation, and their relationship and affinity for Tigerstop metal fabrication tools.