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Yield is Everything for Powell Valley Millwork

TigerStop had the pleasure of speaking with the folks at Powell Valley Millwork about their business, company history, points of differentiation, philanthropic work, and their new optimizing saw. This is what we learned:

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Small Workshop Woes: How to Make the Most out of Your Tiny Space

Every tool and square foot in my small workshop has to earn its keep. I can’t afford to have a tool that does not get used every day, no matter how well it can perform a task. Nor can I mess around with a tool that does not perform its task well. And if your shop is anything like mine, every surface has to be available for a project – the table saw does double duty as a glue-up bench and the planer infeed becomes a staging area for hardware that is to be installed. The walls of my shop are totally covered with tools: clamps hanging here, blades there, and jigs all over the place.

The task at hand, every day, is to make our space as efficient and user-friendly as possible. I try to wring the most out of my small space and my general purpose tools. I can’t just add an edge-bander because a job calls for it – I don’t have the room, I don’t have the budget, and I won’t use it every day. So when I go shopping for a tool, it really needs to be the best fit, the best performer and the best buy.

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How To Save Money On Material And Lower An Entire Lumber Grade

Are you paying too much for your lumber? Most of us are. Did you know that you can actually lower the grade of your material without compromising on quality, and save money doing it? It almost sounds too good to be true, but listen up, it's time to get knotty! Buying lumber with knots and defecting it yourself, can save you a great deal of money. 

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Woodworking Automation Leads to Profit for Kensington Garden Rooms

 A creator of elaborate backyard oases, gazebo manufacturer Kensington Garden Rooms has found a perfect climate for building its business in Northern California. Founded in 2012 in the United Kingdom, Kensington Garden Rooms relocated the following year, “for the sun,” laughs Sam Misky, sales manager. Competitive reasons also factored into the decision. “After researching the American market, we learned there would be a lot of opportunities in the U.S. for selling luxury quality garden rooms.”

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How To Build Your Very Own Bat House

Bats have a pretty bad rap. But these creepy crawly creatures of the night are incredibly useful! Bats are fantastic pollinators (like our honeybee friends) and are responsible for pollinating some of our favorite fruits such as bananas, mangoes, and avocados. Without bats forget about that delicious guacamole. 

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Let’s Talk About Scrap

I would like to discuss scrap. Not the most scintillating topic, but one where a lot of money goes down the drain. Operations people have a weird perspective on scrap, particularly when the scrap has a significant commodity value in the market. Such materials include copper, brass, aluminum and sometimes even steel and other ferrous alloys.

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D&W Windows has been in the fenestration business since 1955. This family owned and operated business knows a thing or two about offering the most beautiful windows, doors, sunrooms, awnings, and more, around. But its real talent lies in how it manufactures its fenestration products.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Aluminum Profile Saw

 On September 6, 1942, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded Frank Hobbs of Seattle, Washington, with an army contract for prefabricated Pacific Huts. Hobbs, an inventor and entrepreneur from the Pacific Northwest, had succeeded in designing the troop housing using a lighter weight alternative wood material to wartime precious steel, resulting in millions of dollars saved.

Hobbs, a wanderlust who never graduated from high school, had a knack for creating ingenious solutions to large engineering and manufacturing problems. He particularly enjoyed experimenting with better building materials and can be accredited for inventing a low cost tile substitute.

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What Can You Automate With TigerStop?

There’s an endless number of processes you can automate with TigerStop products. Some applications you may have never even considered! In order to determine which TigerStop system is best for your application, you ought to consider a few things.  Do you need a complete turnkey automated solution, or an easily added on retrofit to your existing equipment? What kind of pushing capacity do you need? What kind of material will you be processing? Non-ferrous, ferrous, wood, plastic? And finally, what process are you looking to automate? Cut off sawing? Angle/Miter Sawing? Ripping? Boring, drilling, punching, or bending? The possibilities are endless! Here is a short list of a tools that you can automate with a TigerStop to get your creative juices flowing.

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Eliminating Bottlenecks With Precision Automation

The startup of Harvest Lane Honey, stemmed from a growing need. “A decade ago, I used my woodworking tools to build a beehive because our backyard garden wasn’t producing well due to bad pollination,” Jason Waite says. “My mother-in-law (and co-owner) and I researched remedies and found that beehives made great pollinators, which are much needed for great gardens.” 

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